Oftentimes when I reflect back on the privilege of facilitating a Prayer Summit there is one key story that captures the event.  As I reflect back on the recent Tucson Pastors Prayer Summit, there are two stories that are etched in my minds eye.

Both of them relate to how the Lord lead us to share in communion on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.

Earlier on Tuesday, we had read a Psalm with the line in it “bring an offering and come before Him…” (1 Chronicles 16:29)  So, when we came to “the table” that evening, after I referenced this verse and mentioned that the only sufficient offering we can bring in response to Jesus’ most outstanding offering is our complete life,   I encouraged the pastors to bring something they were carrying or wearing that represented their full surrender to the Savior.  The first man shot out of his chair almost before I finished speaking, taking of his hat and his shoes.  As he set them on the table he said, “Lord, from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet, You have it all!”  After a man set his glasses down he prayed, “Lord, I want to see only as You see.  I give you my vision.”    Soon, there was an ordination card, smart phones, wallets, pictures, more shoes and hats, keys, pens, even a breath inhaler.  They were all laying on the table and all presented with a prayer.  God was in the room, and I believe He was please at the offerings.

The next evening, after a good time of worship and the Word on the topic of the cross, we presented the elements of communion to one another.  And as we did, we blessed one another.  I gave very brief instructions to “start of your blessing with the word, ‘may’ and then speak to your brother about a better future.”  For the next 45-60 minutes one brother went to another, gave them the broken body and the shed blood of the Lord, then blessed and prayed for another brother.  Again, the presence of the Lord was very strong.

A highlight was when a recently retired prison chaplain (after 30 years of ministry) served a young man who had been in prison and now was beginning to minister to recently released prisoners.  Tears and prayers flowed, hearts were bond together, and real communion took place.  Not only that, but the other brothers and even God Himself gota front row seat!


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