Here is a series of four video interviews with key Prayer Summit facilitators.  They are designed to answer two questions.  1) What is the value of a Prayer Summit and 2) how are they facilitated?  Each is about an hour in length.  In the first video, Dennis interviews Jody Mayhew (IRM and Abide Ministries), Tom White (Frontline Ministries) and Daniel Henderson (Strategic Renewal International).  The topic here is the value of Prayer Summits.

In the other three he interviews each of these one-on-one, each with a different flavor and emphasis related to facilitating a summit.   With Jody the emphasis is on women’s summits and the use of Scripture in prayer.  With Daniel the emphasis is on the value and uniqueness of congregational Prayer Summits.  With Tom the emphasis is on the importance and process of building a leadership team.

Our hope is that these videos will encourage you to take a step in facilitating a Prayer Summit.  Please contact us if you have any questions not answered here.

For more information on facilitating prayer, you may want to check out United and Ignited – Encountering God through Dynamic Corporate Prayer at

The Value of a Prayer Summit

Facilitating a Prayer Summit with Jody Mayhew

Facilitation a Prayer Summit with Daniel Henderson

Facilitating a Prayer Summit with Tom White

Jesus’ prayer in John 17 is a wonderful model for our prayers.  Here is a series of five short videos where Dennis shares and prays from the four requests of Jesus in that prayer.

One of the most frequently asked questions Dennis receives is “How can we encourage more pastors to join us at our next Prayer Summit?”  Here is a twenty minute interview with Dave Gadoury from Rhode Island about the process he has developed as he considered this question.