Earlier this week I was privileged to facilitate the 21st annual Pastors Prayer Summit for Grays Harbor, WA.  I wish I could take you through each aspect of how God lead us in prayer.  That is not possible.   But let me share with you some of what happened on the last morning.

After a great time of  worship – thanks again, Doug Marks, for your gracious and gifted leadership here – I sensed we were to pray for the “saints in Grays Harbor.”  We had prayed for one another, we had prayed for His Kingdom to come to the area, we had spent much time exalting God and expressing our love for his Son throughout the summit.  Now it was time to pray for the people, “back home.”

The Lord lead my thoughts to Paul’s prayer in Ephesians 3:14-19.  So, I invited the men to turn there, read it over until they saw a truth that stood out to them and to then pray that truth for the believers in Grays Harbor.

As Brad, the first man, began to pray I was “seeing” the men standing as they prayed, to signify the seriousness of their prayers.  I also noticed a difference in the direction of the Brad’s voice changed.  When I looked, I saw him standing.  So, after his prayer, I gave a very brief invitation for the other men to stand as they prayed.

So, now picture the key spiritual leaders of a county standing one at a time and praying passionate, biblically-based prayers for the people they were called to serve.  What a Heaven-on-earth time!  This was 30-40 minutes that made a difference in Heaven and in Grays Harbor!

We left with a greater sense of renewal, refreshment, vision, and hope!


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