“That in everything Christ might have the supremacy”

(Colossians 1:18)

Our loving Father: We come to You in the name of Your magnificent Son, our Lord Jesus Christ.  To Him we belong forever, as His followers, living together in the fullness of His Spirit.

Christ is all!  All for Christ!  We come to consecrate ourselves to Christ.

We celebrate that Christ is all (Col. 3:11).  In Him dwells all the fullness of God.  Ascended to Your right hand, He is fulfilling Your promises and purposes – without limits. We celebrate that Christ is all!   In Him Your Kingdom comes.  In Him we live, move and have our being.  In everything, He is exalted above all rulers and powers.  The scope of our hope rests in the inexhaustible riches of His spectacular supremacy.

We declare here and now: We will not cease to give the Lord Jesus Christ His rightful place in all we are and in all we do.  We invite Him to sovereignly reign in our midst.  He is Ruler of all heaven and earth.  We are eager for Him to manifest more and more of His majesty through us as we submit to Him and follow Him completely.

We cry out to our Savior: “Lord Jesus Christ, come afresh and conquer us. Reign supreme in us, unconditionally.  Set up your throne among us, permanently. Have your way with us.  We dedicate ourselvesto exalting your name, extending your reign and increasing your fame.”

And, we celebrate the truth that all is for Christ!  All that exists, including all of us, exists for Christ alone.  All for Christ! Our life is hidden in Christ alone.  Our identity and our destiny are in Christ alone. All for Christ! Therefore, because we live for Him, we set our affections and priorities on what His reign is all about.  All for Christ! We give ourselves – we pour out ourselves — to serve the advance of His Kingdom.  All for Christ! No matter where it takes us. No matter what it costs us. All for Christ! 

Therefore, we want to be captives to Him.  We want to surrender our lives for His sake and for the gospel.  We want to experience intimacy with Him in His supremacy, by the power of your Spirit. We want to be marked by an all-consuming love for Him.

All is for Christ! We’ve been bought at the price of His own blood. So from now on, we choose to glorify Him with heart and mind and soul and strength – as individuals and as our entire congregation. 

Therefore, in keeping with Colossians 3 – together we consecrate ourselves to Christ afresh:

We will pursue a focus on everything that relates to the reign of Christ (3:1)

We will clothe ourselves with Christ’s love and forgiveness toward one another (3:12)

We will always welcome the fullness of Christ to rule among our hearts (3:15)

We will regularly share the wonders of Christ in our conversations with one another (3:16)

We will seek to increase our capacity to worship, exalt and adore Christ for all He is (3:16)

We will live every day in such a way that everything we do and say and pray

gives Christ the supremacy in everything (3:17)

Christ is all! All for Christ!  Father, we long for the day when your dear Son manifests His presence among us so fully that we become “known for Christ”, more and more – more and more – “known for Christ” and for nothing less, and for nothing else.

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit.  As it was in the beginning, so it shall be forever. Christ is all!  All for Christ!

Hallelujah! Let it be done. Let it be done. We are Christ’s alone. We are Christ’s alone.


Click HERE if you wish to download the document to print.

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