What are some essential traits a facilitator should possess? On various occasions I have asked those who facilitate dynamic corporate prayer what traits are necessary to be a good facilitator.

The following are some of their answers. They deserve our careful consideration.

•Be a person of prayer;

•Be a worshipper;

•Be spiritually mature and healthy

•Be a partaker of God’s presence without losing perspective of the role of the facilitator;

•Have a heart in tune with God’s heart;

•Walk in humility before the Lord and others;

•Understand the dynamics of various sized groups;

•Have and exercise discernment;

•Be a good listener to the Lord and those around him;

•Be able to follow the flow yet remain focused;

•Be able to remain alert;

•Be willing to risk

•Be teachable;

•Deal with criticism in a healthy manner;

•Constantly be aware of the atmosphere: the spiritual climate or environment;

•Be able to differentiate between God’s work in an individual and God’s movement in the group;

•Be a team player.

*Blessed by Doing – As you look over the traits above, mark three that are well established in your life and three that you would like to see more established. Ask God to strengthen you in the last three you mentioned.

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