Thanks again for your effective prayers in recent weeks!  They are appreciated.
This note will be quite brief, but please know that we are dependent upon you and the Lord as we minister.

  • First of all, please note the events on the IRM Calendar and cover them in prayer.  And note that there is a summit just wrapping up in Northern California.  Please pray that they would be able to keep what the Lord gave them.
  • Also please be praying for the upcoming national 40 day prayer emphasis called Seek God for the  City (February 22 – April 1).  This is one of the finest prayer tools I know of.  Please pray that many would be involved and that each city would see lasting change because of it.
  • Finally, I have invitations to be in both India and Liberia.  Please pray for wisdom about these decisions.

Thanks again so much for your prayer support.


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