This is a question I receive fairly often.  It comes mostly from people who have been to Prayer Summits in the past and have recently rediscovered us.  But it also comes from people who know us fairly well and just want an update.

The truth is, IRM (to the glory of God!) is doing quite well!  One of the best things taking place is that, without losing our focus on Prayer Summits, the Lord is opening up new avenues of ministry.  They have all grown out of the Prayer Summits.  Over the next few months we will look at these new branches of IRM.  We think you will be encouraged.

The word “branches” was used very purposefully.  Because a great picture of how IRM has grown is that of a tree with a large trunk and several branches.  And I think we can say each branch is bearing much fruit.

So, this month, I want to want you to think with me about the trunk of this tree:  Prayer Summits.  They have always been the main activity of IRM and they still are.  These times of “Spirit-led, worship-fed, Scripture-based corporate prayer” are still giving rich life to many pastors and other spiritual leaders.  All we do still flows out of the desire “to see a move of God initiated and sustained in as many communities as possible.”  But the Prayer Summits truly are the “trunk” of the IRM “tree.”

There have been Prayer Summits in at least 40 states and 30 nations.  We are in contact with cities that have had Prayer Summits for over two decades and we are in contact with brand new cities just asking about Prayer Summits.

Pastors are still the primary participants, but there are a variety of others who attend as well.  Summits for women in ministry, congregational summits, marketplace summits, and “people’s summits” (shorter summits typically following a Pastors Prayer Summit primarily for the people from the congregations represented at the summit) are also happening regularly.

We think it is wonderful that Prayer Summits have taken root to the point where our office does not always know about when and where Prayer Summits are happening.  There are times when I find out just before or even just after a Prayer Summit has taken place.  Yet, there are still wonderful testimonies of changed lives, renewal (after all, that’s our “middle name!”), fresh vision, repentance, freedom, and community impact are regular results from these summits.

The trunk is still standing strong and is now supporting several other branches.  More on those next month.


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