The primary purpose of a time of dynamic corporate prayer is that people would encounter God.  This is a spiritual activity and requires the action of the Holy Spirit.  Jesus said that He is the one who would convince (convict) us of certain spiritual things and then give us what we need to get us from where we are to where He wants us to be.  As people come into the presence of the Lord, He then is able to give them what they need, speak to them what needs to be spoken, touch them where they need to be touched, and restore in them what needs to be restored.

We do not accomplish these things, Jesus does through His Spirit.  It is not about our plans or abilities, it is His.  It is His activity that we need, not our activity.  If His will is going to be accomplished, it is essential that we follow His leadership, not seek to impose our leadership upon Him.  So, if we want to see His activity take place in prayer it will be because we have heard what He wants to do and cooperated with Him.

As in all forms of ministry, whether it is preaching, teaching, serving, counseling or anything else, to the degree that we think we are the engine to make it happen, to that same degree the Lord will let us try.  But to the degree that we are convinced we are only a conduit or a tool in the Lord’s hand, to that same degree He can use us to accomplish His purposes.  This is as true in facilitating prayer as it is in any other area of ministry.  What makes a time of corporate prayer dynamic is not our cool idea.  It is that somehow we and the pray-ers have caught what the Lord is up to and cooperated with Him.  Listening to Him is where this all begins.

*Blessed by Doing – Repent of times when you have demonstrated the perspective that ministry (prayer ministry and beyond) depends upon your abilities or good ideas.  Tell the Lord very clearly that you want to follow His leadership in all ministry circumstances.

Taken from “United and Ignited”.  Click here for more information.