“Since 1996 I have continued to be amazed at how God “shows up” when pastors come together in unity in His presence. This Summit was one of the top three for personal impact in me, and it feels as if a fresh “wind” of the Spirit is blowing through Branson.” -Pastor, Branson, MO

“The powerful presence of God was amazing as we worshiped in unity. During our small group the compassionate prayers of those who laid hands on me allowed me to experience a special touch from God. Awesome, awesome prayers.” – Pastor, Branson, MO

“Being in the presence of godly men and women who share in leadership and seek revival has been truly encouraging. We armored up and are being shot out to specific areas.” -Pastor

“This was a tremendous renewing time personally. The prayer, worship, Lord’s leading (obvious) was and will be sustaining. This will be a marker for me, for us, in years ahead!” – Pastor

“I praise the Lord for this summit. From the very start we experienced a great level of unity – how beautiful it was (Ps. 133). We were strengthened and encouraged by His Holy Spirit and I pray that overflows into our ministries and beyond.” – Pastor, Connecticut

“I came to the Prayer Summit skeptical. As a person who has sought to cultivate an inward prayer life I was uncomfortable with the group nature of the Prayer Summit. By the second day my personal comfort issues had become secondary and God showed up for me. As I wrote in my journal after the second day, ‘I feel that I am changing-but I don’t know how. I cannot explain the experience I am having.’ Frankly—God has not ‘spoken to me’ in this experience—rather, He has changed me.” – NW American Baptist

“I have drawn closer to the Lord. I have stood on Holy Ground. I have been enlivened by the power of the Holy Spirit working through the Body of Christ. This Prayer Summit has re-connected me to the source of my life and ministry. I have been renewed. I believe that we will never be the same again. Not only have I been empowered, but the Church, the Body of Christ, in the Northwest has been empowered. How awesome it is to know that I am not doing this alone!” – NW American Baptist

“God gave/graced me with an overwhelming sense of His majesty, His awesomeness and His greatness. Jesus became so real; His supernatural presence ignited the fire once again. The power of interceding for people, for churches and ministries became real in a new way for me. I perceive what helped was the reminder/confidence that other leaders had the same harmful convictions for intercession….All in all, this week at the Prayer Summit, I was filled with, energized in, convicted by, and renewed in Jesus. Let’s have another in the small group format of laying burdens for other’s to pray, it was very replenishing and cleansing. Powerful!” – Billings, MT

“The Prayer Summit experience gave our leadership team a taste of God’s presence which created amazing and exponential ripple effects in our church. We’ve seen a rising tide of prayer in our church, and I believe it all started with a Prayer Summit. A Prayer Summit can change a church — one revived person at a time.” – Holland, MI

“At this Prayer Summit God has strengthened links among other Leaders and Pastors, renewed my vision for my City/Community/World, given me new friendships, encouraged me to see leaders impacted, encouraged and embraced, caused me to appreciate sharing burdens and praying for each other. I feel refreshed and stronger because I came.” – Grays Harbor, WA

“Because of this Prayer Summit my prayer life is strengthened. Jesus is first in my life. Others are more important to me. The ministry to reach Grays Harbor is refreshed in my heart. I have been encouraged to mentor my own son and future son’s in law.” – Grays Harbor, WA

“The prayer summit deepened my understanding of the person of Jesus, his greatness, his completeness, his overwhelming love for me. It has given me a new perspective of worship.” – Winchester, VA Men

“Lord, you have hit my reset button again in regards to the priority of prayer in my schedule. The important things of praying and preaching the Word are again the very top of the list. I thank you for deepening the Lord among the brothers, and reminding me that we are all on the same team.” – Winchester, VA Men

“I pastor in Managua, Nicaragua, having known the Lord for 17 seventeen years, pastoring twelve of those years as a senior pastor. One of the things that has impacted me during the summit is that there is no talk of doctrine, denomination, or who is the greatest. As you [the facilitator] said, ”I am not here for you to listen to me. You are here to listen to God!” These words have branded my life forever. Never have I been to a summit like this where I have been set so free! Truly, I am returning to Nicaragua with a new hunger to seek the Lord in secret, and I know that I will experience a new relationship with the Lord, with my family, with the church, with my city, and with my nation. I will pray that the next summit will be in Nicaragua!’ -El Salvador Men

“I had been thinking of resigning my church and leaving to go the United States to work because I had fashioned the church that the Lord had given me so badly. I was failing God because I needed to be changed by God. I asked the Lord Jesus to forgive me, and I am now different. I was healed from hurts, and I am now restored. Now, I am a pastor full of peace, free from guilt, with the presence of God now in me.” -El Salvador Men

“God came down and met with us. I was able to crawl on my Father’s lap and share a quiet fear in my life. The fear is that next week my son is leaving for the U.S. Army. He is precious to me. I respect his decision and desire to defend our country. But in these days of terror and the threat of war, I fear losing him. My son attended the summit. He was not at all sessions, and at the time I was on my Father’s lap he was in his room. He shared that evening he, too, had fear and anxious thoughts. He also shared that while he was in the room during the time that I was in the chair, as peace came over my heart, peace came to him from head to toe. Praise the Lord.” -Grace Gospel Fellowship

“Wow! What a pleasure it was to be here. I never knew one could pray this long and stay focused. But watching God show me I could pray through the distractions was truly amazing. I can’t wait to see how God is going to use what I’ve learned to love my wife more, love my church more, and most importantly love Him more. I love to be in His presence.” -Grace Gospel Fellowship

“Time was spent reading, meditating, and praying through the book of Ephesians and who we are in Christ. The Spirit of God was very present and melted our hearts toward Himself, one another, and the lost. There was an urgency that we must commit ourselves to prayer both at the summit and beyond. There was prayer in small groups for each other, our families, and congregations bearing one another’s burdens. God gave us an ease with one another and took some significant steps in building us together as His family.” -Thurston County, Washington


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