Because God is the One who can guide you best in this process, begin seeking the Lord now! Seeking Him is the essence of every summit, and establishing a pattern of prayer is not only a nice idea, but also a real necessity as you begin the process.

What follows are suggestions arising from our experience-the closest thing we have to a ‘check list’. We offer the list here because we desire your summit to be the best possible experience for all who attend and for your community. Because IRM is a deeply relational movement, we want to walk with you as you see God working more in your community, and desire to assist you in any way in this process. Please call or email the IRM office or one of the Representatives with any questions.

1. First, gain a clear vision of the purpose of a Prayer Summit. Please do not overlook this step as everything else hinges upon it. Take the time to look this section over carefully. Let us know if you have any questions or comments.

2. Once this vision is shared and owned by a core team in your community, several practical issues need to be decided so the summit can take place.

    • Determine the cost of your summit (honoraria, etc.).
    • Select facilitators (or a facilitator).
    • Establish a means of registration.
    • Consider the benefit of organizing intercessors to cover the summit time in prayer.
    • Consider aspects of communion.
    • Think through some means of evaluation to see if the summit was all that you sensed God wanted it to be.
    • And finally, review the suggested timeline that may help you plan your event.

3. One of the things we are very encouraged about is that several congregations are developing congregational prayer summits.