As you consider the costs of a Prayer Summit, here are important points to consider.

  • Pre-summit meetings for vision casting and consulting: These meetings form the foundation for the entire summit experience and beyond. They also are valuable for keeping the vision fresh between summits. In-person meetings are the best where practical, but using a video call can also be very effective.  Though part of your overall summit cost, these meetings may be paid for from some other source besides your summit registrations.
  • Prayer Summit location: The cost to the retreat center where the Prayer Summit takes place is an obvious cost.  But since it is not the only cost, we encourage you to factor in the other costs to your registration price.
  • Facilitator costs: In addition to the costs of transportation, room and board, and any other possible extra lodging, also consider any honorarium you may want to give.  If you have questions about this, don’t hesitate to ask the facilitator about this.
  • The possibility of non-registration income: Registration is not to only possible income for your Prayer Summit.  Some congregations have taken an offering to provide scholarships for other (bi-vocational) pastors.  There may be some businesses in your community that would be happy to donate to see pastors take time away to pray.  Let the Lord show you creative ways He wants to fund His outing.