“How wonderful it has been to worship you during these days in the company of these, your servants. Their worship has deepened mine. Their prayers have explained my hesitant words. And it has been about you, and because of you, and to honor you as you have watered our souls and stretched our minds to understand you better and love you more. Please, Jesus, help me live it out back home with the family and flock you have given into my care. As you help me live this experience ‘out loud’ during the ordinary days, it will become more truly real.” – NW American Baptist

“The incredibly marvelous truth about Jesus is He always knows exactly what we are about and what we need. In these days, Jesus came alongside me and did exactly what I needed to set me free from some of those significant things that hinder me from running the race he had set before me. Thank you, Lord Jesus.” – NW American Baptist

“Lord, I have seen demonstrated, in a different light, how the Body of Christ functions and that each member is not only necessary but needs to be faithful to carry out their role. You have done a work in me to be able to embrace the part of the body that is wounded and limping, with love and truth. Oh Lord, enlarge the capacity of my heart to love. Thank you Lord for the opportunity to hear Jody’s story. I am spurred on to obedience and faithfulness by her example of trust, love obedience and submission. Your name is faithful and true! To You be all Glory and Honor and Power!” – Wisconsin Women in Leadership

“This was my first Summit and I wasn’t sure what to expect. Many hearts and my heart were opened to new truths from scripture that [the facilitator] taught. It was powerful! Getting into the word, prayer and praise gave me a hunger to know God better. I’m inspired to carry this on as I return home. It was also an incredible time of building unity within the body of Christ with my sisters in the Lord. What a blessing!” – Wisconsin Women in Leadership

“God, I feel so overwhelmed right now, so blessed to overflowing. I feel loved and accepted: sought after. Thank You for Your healing today; I really feel loved by You. I feel like I received love from You today, that I have friends who really care about me and I believed they love me. God, You are so cool.; You are my Bridegroom. WOW! I am amazed! Thank You., I love You, Jesus!” -Fort Wayne, Indiana

“I found it incredibly inspiring to come together with women from so many different denominations and traditions. It is refreshing to worship as a city instead of our little corner of the universe.” -Fort Wayne, Indiana

“Our fellowship was sweet. God helped us bond quickly and deeply, I believe. There was an overall love, acceptance, and inclusiveness.” -Wisconsin Pastors’ Wives

“It was different than anything I had ever experienced before. At first, I wasn’t sure what to do., but as I listened expectantly, God spoke to me and nudged me to join I with my sisters in Christ. God met me just where I was, accepted me, and loved me, convicted me, and stretched me.” -Wisconsin Women In Ministry

“This is my third Prayer Summit. I am so grateful to God for giving us this time of coming away with Him and with other women in leadership. We fervently seek Him. We don’t know where He will lead or what He will reveal. This year, I felt Him speaking again and again of losing the fear of trials, laying it all down;: letting Him do, and allow what He will do and allow. I felt loved, accepted, and affirmed in the body of Christ.” -Wisconsin Women In Ministry