“Dear God, I praise You because Your mercy has reached me. Thank You for changing my desert into a spring of fresh water. I know You are with me, and that is enough to go into the marketplace and destroy the walls of unbelief and materialism that separate the people from You. Thank You for renewing my emotions: joy and peace. I praise You and will serve You with all my heart.”

“Dear God, as Moses did of old, I will trust You when You ask me to pick up the snake by the tail. As Abraham of old, I will trust You when you tell me to ‘go’ without disclosing where I am going, other than to follow You. As the faithful of old, I will work to possess and occupy the land until You come. … P.S. I’m depending on You to empower me in accomplishing all of the above!”

“Lord, thank You for meeting me here. You have given me Your eyes to see myself. You have clearly answered my heart’s questions about Your vision for my life. … You have given me a clear direction for my role in the marketplace. I feel confident in You, and what You have planned for my future in the marketplace.”

“Father, I just lift my life up to You, for You have broken open my heart and filled it with the loving Spirit that is You, Father. I thank You for these two days to come together in this Prayer Summit just to pray and worship You, the Most High. I feel Your presence. I feel You transforming people and cities. I pray, Father, that we go out into the marketplace, which is your Church, and give ourselves in love, faithfulness, and hope. And we do this in honor and glory to You.”

“Thank you, oh Lord, for the fresh fire to return to the marketplace. Knowing [that] You have ordained my role, and that there are great things to be done in Your name in my sphere of influence. … I pray, too, for a greater awareness of what You are doing around me. – I want to fully join You in Your work in the business world. Thank You for the awakening that is taking place among Christians in the marketplace. I pray that I can play a role in the godly revival of the world of commerce. Amen!”