“I walked in God’s special presence for several days after the Summit. The hunger continues. Our church attendance has taken a big leap, too.” -Church of the Mountains, West Virginia & East Kentucky

“My wife attended the Summit for the pastors’ wives, and she surprised me when she returned. She came back brand new! I praise the Lord for the fruit that I see in her. One of the things that she said was that she asked me to forgive her for her bitterness because I always had time to pastor the church, but I had no time to pastor her or my children. When she told me this, it broke my heart. So, when I went to the Summit, I was the first to ask the Lord to forgive me for what I had done to my wife and children. The Summit is an encounter with God!” -El Salvador Men

“Things are coming along in Miami;, praise the Lord! We will have our sixth city tour on May 30th. This time, we will visit Miami Beach with our spiritual eyes open. These times have been tremendous. This Saturday, there will be a pastors’ prayer breakfast in Opa-Locka with the mayor, a believer, presiding. This is a follow-up to our visit there earlier. Bishop Baskin really has really spearheaded this effort, as it is a predominately black community and very depressed. Our tour of Hialeah was very interesting. It is a large Hispanic city within Dade County. Among other things, we visited a botanical store, which sells all items related to witchcraft and Santeria (witchcraft from Africa via Cuba). One Hispanic pastor on the tour from Hialeah shared with us what happened the Sunday after the tour. He shared with the congregation about that tour day together, and a new family visiting the church that Sunday came to Christ. They then proceeded to bring all their fetishes and idols from Santeria and had them smashed in the sanctuary. What a testimony! This is exactly what we want to see happen.” -Miami, Florida

“The Prayer Summits I’ve attended have been some of the most meaningful encounters I’ve had over the years of ministry.” -Spokane, Washington

“At our last Kansai Men’s Prayer Fellowship in Osaka, one of the Japanese pastors said he would like to come to Kochi, where I live. It’s about a five-hour drive one way! So we tentatively have tentatively decided to schedule a Men’s Prayer Fellowship here in my church on October 20th. About four to five people will come from Osaka the night before and join us in a Men’s Prayer Fellowship here with Kochi pastors. We have had up to four come out for Men’s Prayer Fellowships here in Kochi, but recently it has only been one other pastor and myself. The guys from Osaka said they would like to see where I work and be an encouragement to the pastors here. That is encouraging in itself! It is exciting to see the level of commitment in the Japanese pastors.” -Western Japan