Below is an expanding list of books on prayer and relationship with God.

Living Prayer: The Lord’s Prayer alive in you.

By Dennis Fuqua

Here is a book that presents a timeless teaching tool on prayer!  By following the pattern of the Lord’s Prayer, the reader is motivated and then equipped to unlock the mystery of prayer.  One cannot help but fall deeper in love with the Savior as prayer becomes a daily reality.


Reunitus: Building Bridges to Each Other Through Prayer Summits

By Dr. Joe Aldrich

Focusing on the theme of biblical unity, this book challenges the divided church to become unified and, through prayer, to unleash the power God has given the church & demonstrate His love to a broken world.


The Butterfly and the Stone: A son. A father. God’s love on a prodigal journey. 

By Dan Mayhew

For anyone who has loved a prodigal, here is a voice in the night that says you are not alone. A story of fear & hope on a journey from home to Iraq, and back to face a fiercer enemy: post-traumatic stress & addiction. Woven throughout is God’s love…found in an unexpected place…