Below is a suggested timeline to help you work through details of preparing for your summit. It has first time summits specifically in mind, but parts of it also applies to communities who have had multiple summits.

Suggested Minimum Time and Activity:

  • (9 months) Individual and/or core team exposed to the vision, clearly understands it, and becomes convinced that God wants them to have a summit in their community
  • (9 months) Contact retreat center(s) to determine initial availability and costs
  • (9 months) Preliminary breakfast or lunch meetings with IRM Representative to share vision with many leaders in the community
  • (6 months) Final decision to have a summit – Call to IRM to let us know this decision
  • (6 months) Develop desired invitation list
  • (6 months) Initial contact with possible facilitators
  • (4 months) Final decision on facilitators – Call to IRM to let us know this information
  • (4 months) Decisions regarding transportation, budget for brochures and other possible expenses.
  • (4 months) Initial cost estimates determined
  • (3 months) Share vision with intercessors and encourage them to seek God regarding their participation
  • (2 months) Develop, print and send out first brochure (often times more than one brochure is sent)
  • (2 months) Personal contacts to encourage participation
  • (1 week) Suggested registration deadline: this is good, but we encourage you to hold registration open even to the first day of the summit.