We believe these four questions need to be answered positively before a quality summit can take place.

1. Congruency of vision — Is there a core of people who share the vision of seeing a move of God initiated and sustained in a community through a healthy, unified, humble church because of time spent in His holy presence?

2. Breadth of involvement — Is this group seeking to relate properly to the various streams of the whole body of Christ in a community? Have all groups- ethnic, denominational, generational, and possibly even gender- been equally invited to the table so there is no sense that the Prayer Summit ‘belongs’ to only a portion of the church?

3. Depth of commitment — Is there a sense of desperation for God, or is a summit just a nice idea? Are there those in the community who are fully committed to the hard work of seeing His body walk and work together?

4. Historical alignment — Does this fit with what God has been doing in this community? Would a Prayer Summit align with the unique history of the work of God in this community?