We believe a quality Prayer Summit entails covering the entire summit in as much prayer as possible. This has been done in many different ways.

  • Some summits have a group of intercessors on site for the entire event. In at least one gathering, the intercessors invited the pastors to join them for a short time during the summit and prayed for each pastor individually.
  • Other summit communities had each pastor ask at least one person to commit to praying for them and the summit while he is away.
  • The intercessors from one community developed a fifty-day prayer calendar, listing out specific requests for each day prior to the summit.
  • Some communities organized specific prayer times to take place back home while they attend the summit.

The means of intercession is not as important as the fact of intercession. If you ask the Intercessor how He wants intercession to be taking place for the summit, He will show you His creative, unique ideas.