We care about what happens at your Prayer Summit. We care about the impact your time together has on individuals, congregations, the Christian community, and the entire community. Many people have invested time, energy, and money into the summit, and we want you to receive from it all God has for you. In addition, God has called for this time because He wants to accomplish things for His glory. For these reasons, we believe taking time to evaluate your Prayer Summit can be very helpful. We offer you this evaluation tool as a starting point.

IRM and the Prayer Summit movement also benefit from your evaluation. Please give us your feedback at irm@prayersummits.net. Helpful information to include: the dates, place, and type (pastors, marketplace, etc.) of summit you attended, your role in the summit, facilitators’ names, stories of how you were impacted, observations about the work of God in the summit, testimonies, and any other feedback.