The following six statements provide a foundation for our perspective on Prayer Summits:

1. We deeply desire to see a move of God initiated and sustained in as many communities as possible.

2. We are convinced that a significant, sustained prayer movement is essential for this to take place. This prayer movement will greatly impact our relationship with God and with one another and our ability to fulfill our Scriptural responsibilities.

3. We believe that this prayer movement will lead to and launch other Spirit-directed, united, strategic activities.

4. We believe that quality Prayer Summits are catalysts to initiate and sustain this significant prayer movement.

5. Therefore we deeply desire to see as many quality Prayer Summits take place in as many communities as possible.

6. However, even if a move of God does not result from our prayer efforts, or it does not happen in the manner or time frame we expect, we believe that the value of a Prayer Summit is not diminished, because we have spent time in His presence doing the ‘one thing’ He deeply desires of us.