International Renewal Ministries is characterized by great diversity with the glue of our values holding the ministry together. The values we share as a part of the IRM movement include:

Above all, we value an ongoing, growing, personal, loving relationship with Jesus Christ.

We value the Bible as the Word of God, our final authority of faith and practice

We value a move of God initiated and sustained in as many geographic areas as possible.

We value Christlike leadership characterized by humility, brokenness, and a servant’s spirit and evidenced by transparency, openness, and vulnerability.

We value the unity (not the uniformity) and health of the whole body of Christ.

We value the ministry of local pastors and congregations.

We value all members of the body of Christ regardless of their culture, class, race, gender, generation, or spiritual gifting.

We value the importance of repentance and reconciliation being evident among church leaders and the entire body of Christ.

We value relationships that transcend organizational structure.

We value remaining totally submissive to the Holy Spirit at all times and in all decision making, respecting at all times the uniqueness and validity of what God is doing from place to place, culture to culture, and people to people.

We value giving God all the glory with no self-promotion or self-seeking.

We value a long-term, sustainable movement over isolated events.

We value healthy relationships with other ministries that are seeking to see a greater move of God initiated and sustained.

We value the relational nature of prayer (with whom, for whom, and to whom we pray), not only the functional nature of prayer.

We value the identification, establishment, and development of a local leadership team to carry the responsibilities of stewarding the vision and shepherding the prayer movement in a local community.

We value personal and corporate renewal (revival), evangelism, and ultimately the transformation of society.