The International Renewal Ministries team seeks individually greater intimacy with Christ, and corporately a visitation by the Spirit of God upon His people. We want to see a move of God initiated and sustained in as many communities as possible.

Our mission is to serve as a catalyst for unity in the body of Christ, through enriching and equipping activities for the leadership of the church that will lead to spiritual renewal, an increased spiritual harvest, and a change in society.

Explanation of the mission statement:

We will approach all ministry endeavors with an attitude marked by a servant spirit. While intentional in seeking to fulfill the mission, we will not initiate strategies and plans for the church. Rather, we will always seek to encourage and enrich church leaders while not expecting anything in return.

While maintaining the role of a servant, we will be precipitators of change or ‘change agents’ within the body of Christ.

We will call the church, characterized by disunity and division, to return to a state of oneness in obedience to the Word of God (John 17; Ephesians 4; 1 Corinthians 12; Psalm 133). That oneness is an organic unity growing from our family relationship as members of the one body of Christ, and a behavioral unity based upon our shared mission as the church. It is not organizational nor is it uniformity, rather a spirit of unity.

We will serve within as a part of, not working outside of or apart from.

Body of Christ
We will serve among those who are true believers in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, members of the family of God by faith alone in Jesus Christ, the Son of God. We will serve the leaders of the church as active participants in the church.

We will offer a ministry of encouragement, nourishment, restoration, renewal, increased significance or meaning, quality-enhancement, and building up church leaders within the body of Christ.

We will assist in providing personal and ministry tools, upgrade methods, in-service instruction, and encouragement for those already in ministry leadership.

We will serve those who already have been acknowledged as leaders of the church.

We will serve the one body of Christ in a community.

Will lead to
We will endeavor to influence the church to come to a place of organic unity and a degree of health and vitality that enables them to enjoy the byproducts of spiritual renewal, increased spiritual harvest, and a change in society.

Spiritual renewal
We will seek to see an increased passion for, devotion to, and submission to Christ that results in personal, family, congregational, and corporate spiritual restoration and revitalization.

Spiritual harvest
We will seek to see a significant harvest of individual recommitments and rededications to Christ, and a gathering in of thousands experiencing personal salvation through Jesus Christ.

We will seek to bring about a transformation to godly values and morals so that people think and act differently, understanding that the ultimate positive change is God’s presence!

In society
We will target the cultural, economic, and social environment affecting human conditions in a community.