Below you will find links to books published by LP Press (Living Prayer)Two Worlds Media, and other IRM friends. These books provide challenging and inspiring reading. Click on the cover image to learn more and to purchase a copy.

LP Press

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Living Prayer – The Lord’s Prayer Alive in You

by Dennis Fuqua

Prayer is the most vital element required for every healthy believer. So why don’t more Christ followers actually follow Jesus’ clear instruction on this essential topic? What if when Jesus said, “This, then is how you should pray…” He really meant it? Based on the words of the Lord’s Prayer in Matthew 6:9-13, Dennis Fuqua challenges you to take Jesus’ command on how to pray more seriously than you ever have before.


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United and Ignited – Encountering God through Dynamic Corporate Prayer

by Dennis Fuqua

How can a Prayer Summit be “taken back home” to your congregation, Sunday School class, Home Group, or family?  That is the question I was seeking to answer as I wrote this book of nearly 100 questions and answer on the topic of group prayer.  It can be a tutor to assist the most experienced or the brand new person wanting to make corporate prayer a more dynamic experience.



Reunitus: Building Bridges to Each Other Through Prayer Summits

By Dr. Joseph C. Aldrich

The story of Prayer Summits by the man through whom the inspiration for these dynamic gatherings originally came. This is Dr. Joe Aldrich’s classic book on the early days of the Prayer Summit movement.  Even though it was written years ago, it still is very encouraging and instructive on how a genuine move of God can be initiated and sustained in a community.  Dr. Joe’s heart and wisdom is on every page.


Two Worlds Media


The Transforming Power of the Keys of the Kingdom – Unlocking the power of New Testament conversion

By Dick Williams

Dick Williams is not only a board member of IRM, but was a key player in the Prayer Summit movement in Santa Rosa, CA for many years.  The message he shares in this short book is one he has carried in his heart and seen the fruit of for nearly 50 years.  What is the normal Biblical pattern of people entering the Kingdom of God?  Dick does a great job of unpacking this process.


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Marriage RX – Prescription for a radical marriage

By Dan & Jody Mayhew/Calvin & Julie Tadema

Team-written by long-time Prayer Summit husband and wife team, Dan and Jody Mayhew and good friends, Calvin and Julie Tadama, this book gives a fresh perspective on what it takes to make a good marriage happen.  One of the familiar prayer themes at Pastors’ Prayer Summits is about this most important human relationship.  Here is lasting help.  An invitation to step into the fullness of God’s design for married couples. Not the usual “how-to” guide for couples but a challenge to express God’s love through covenant marriage.


Books by other IRM Friends

Hall Book2

I Want to Know More of Christ –  A Daily Devotional on His Matchless Names

By Steve Hall

Steve Hall, long-time Washington State Rep for IRM, has spent years meditating on the greatness and supremacy of Jesus Christ.  Here are 365 results of that pursuit.  Designed as a daily devotional, it can be used in a group study, with families, or just read in large blocks.  I encourage you to consider making use of this in 2014.



The Practitioner’s Guide – Building city gospel movements

By Tom White

By long-time Prayer Summit facilitator and city coach, Tom White, The Practitioner’s Guide is a “boots-on-the ground” manual for city movements that range from emerging to maturing. Anchored on a sound theological footing, White casts vision for building kingdom communities committed to increased unity, corporate prayer and missional collaboration. This book tackles many of the key issues faced by anyone who believes that Jesus’ prayer in John 17 for our unity was meant to be fulfilled by His followers.


Neighbor Initiative

Neighborhood Initiative and the Love of God

By Lynn Cory

Lynn Cory, who took all the courses he could from Dr. Joe Aldrich (founder of IRM) in the late 70’s when he taught at Talbot Seminary, has finally published some of the “results” of what was planted in his heart years ago.  His book, Neighborhood Initiatives and the Love of God, is set to be released October 18th, 2013.  But you can see a video of the late Dr. Dallas Willard sharing on this book shortly before his home-going, at his website.  This is a very practical example of how a neighborhood can be impacted by the love of God through His people.



Jesus’ Surprising Strategy – A mandate and a means for city transformation

By David Drum

Dave Drum, from Tucson, AZ is involved in a wonderful movement of prayer, unity, service, and impact upon the city.  This book allows you to look over his shoulder and see both Tucson and Scripture in a more clear light.

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