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“What would it take to see a move of
God initiated and sustained in a geographic area?”


This is the question that was in Dr. Joe Aldrich’s heart when the first Pastor’s Prayer Summit took place in 1989. God has seen fit to use International Renewal Ministries in many wonderful ways, but this question still supplies direction and vision for us.


Prayer Summits are…

icon of a doveSpirit Led
icon of worshipping handsWorship Fed
icon of a bibleScripture Based
icon of a churchCorporate Prayer



You are invited to spend some time here and learn of the adventures in prayer that have been experienced by many pastors and leaders in the church and around the world.


We invite you to learn about the ministry and the goals of International Renewal Ministries and the Prayer Summit movement. In addition, you will find resources to help you cast a vision for your own city.


If you’d like to find out more about what God has done in the past at IRM, check out the audio files at the bottom of this page.


So, welcome! Browse around a bit. Perhaps the Lord will speak to you about your place on this journey of prayer. What would it take to initiate and sustain a work of God in your city? Maybe it begins with you.


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